Halkidiki is a large peninsula in the northern Aegean Sea and is connected with the main land of Macedonia through the region of Thessaloniki. In the southern part of Halkidiki, are three elongated peninsulas which are from west to east: the peninsula of Kassandra, peninsula of Sithonia and peninsula of well known Mount Athos.

It is blessed and endowed with a rare beauty. Halkidiki combines amazing eternal blue sea and the green of the wooded land.

The visitor of Halkidiki has many options for daily activities and interesting places to visit. Hundreds of entertainment programs, guided tours, special programs concerning trekking routes, visits to archaeological sites and traditional villages, as well as many cultural events held throughout the summer in Halkidiki. Festivals annually taking place in Halkidiki are the top cultural events of the summer time and attract large groups from Greece and around the world.

Alongside cosmopolitan Halkidiki and captivating nightlife with hundreds of club, bars and beach - bar, compose into their opposition, with its picturesque and tranquil natural environment, an '' other'' Halkidiki point of view getting this marvellus summer destination as an attraction and entertainment for every age ...

Endless pristine coasts, which are rewarded for their quality every year with many '' Blue'' flags, give the visitor the best of Halkidiki holiday of a lifetime, because it is not only the unique natural environment, but also the excellent tourist infrastructure of hotel operations.